VERVANO was born of a personal need: We needed a source for sustainable furnishings for our own studio at Laura Britt Design. A long journey involving extensive research found nothing suitable. So, we decided to do it ourselves. The result is Vervano, an eco-conscious furnishings line based in Austin, Texas, handcrafted in the United States, and fully dedicated to sustainability.

Although 'green' is now a standard buzz word it is not a standard practice in the design community. There have been as many challenging days as victorious ones, but in the end we stayed true to our vision: beautiful furniture, built close to home, from sustainably sourced materials. We are dedicated to preserving natural resources, maintaining healthy indoor air quality, and reducing the distance the finished products must travel. We build to the highest standards and design for performance in both residential and commercial settings. Our commitment to our customers, quality, and process improvement are key to developing the partnerships we seek; and each Vervano piece reflects that commitment.


Laura Britt, Owner/Principal
Callie Chinn, Operations Manager
Amanda Soisson, Finance Manager
Kendra Ferreri, Marketing & Sales Support


Arizona, New Mexico & Nevada
Jennifer Gustavson | 480.223.2592 |

California (Northern) & Northwest Nevada
Tode Rubenstein | 415.377.9907 |

California (Southern)
Mark Huntsinger | 310.694.3584 |

Bryan Hass | 941.544.6618 |

Illinois - Chicago, Michigan - Detroit
Anthony Bellon | 773.350.9104 |

Michigan - Grand Rapids
Brenda Thompson | 616.334.3625 |

  NYC, New Jersey and Connecticut
Philip Stein | 203.554.3564 |

New York, Upstate
Barbara Rappenecker | 585.766.1624 |

Oregon, Washington and Vancouver, BC
Barbara Otto | 425.985.6518 |

South Carolina & North Carolina
Caroline Halsey | 917.613.9045 |

Texas, Louisiana & Oklahoma
Tom Jacobe | 972.768.7128 |

Washington, DC, Maryland & Virginia
Pam Bothwell | 202.296.2603 |


  • Sustainably harvested wood

    Our wood is sustainably harvested from farms inthe United States, maintaining the eco-balance of our forests.

  • Durable mortise & tenon joinery

    Our handcrafted furniture is assembled with mortise and tenon joinery, providing heirloom quality that will endure for generations to come.

  • Low-VOC finishes and adhesives

    Our finishes and adhesives are water-based and low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) to reduce off-gassing during production and while in your home or office.

  • Plant-based upholstery foam

    Our upholstery foam is plant-based reducing the use of petrochemicals while maintaining quality and durability.

  • Built by hand in the United States

    Our production is maintained within the United States to minimize our carbon footprint and embodied energy.

  • Organic upholstery

    Many of our upholstered pieces are available in organic fabrics with low-impact pigments and dyes.